Stress dump 2!


Ok so following my other stress dump, things got better, so I think it’s time to try again! 6yrs without feeling the need to do this isn’t too shabby, so there’s a plus.

2016 has been a bit boo sauce. In February, while on a family ski trip in Telluride, I broke my wrist.


For which surgery was recommended.


I found out that I was one of the lucky few who’s tendon to their thumb ruptures and requires additional surgery. ( So, that’s fun. The second surgery will likely be in July. My dr wants to take the plate out then too, which I’m not too keen on. Every xray still shows it’s broken so we’ll see.

I’ve just finished physical therapy, but not before getting into a car accident. Which of course was my fault.


The car is currently in the shop, which I’ll actually have to pay the deductible on, which isn’t a lot, but more than I want to shell out for this. Joseph was also rear ended in his truck, and thanks to the shit show of an insurance circus, he got nothing out of the deal and ended up pounding his own bumper straight enough.

Norman has been to the vet more than I’d care to admit. After our xmas vacation he seemed to have a neck injury. He’s been on rimadyl since which is effing expensive. The vet wants to do blood work to make sure we’re not messing up his organs, which are expensive. Plus side is that we got him on a great antihistamine which solved a lot of his skin ish. That too is expensive.

There has been some job ish for both Joseph and I as well, but hey, at least we have them.

Ready for the upswing!

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