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Ambli is a great neighborhood place. We loved the interior as it didn’t feel like we were in a strip mall in west Denver, aka Glendale, aka almost aurora.

The food was fantastic, it was half price tapas Tuesday. We got the Brussels sprouts, chili chicken skewers, chicken sliders and the beef kabobs.

Brian our waiter left much to be desired. When asked what the special beer was, he said it was an IPA. Not what IPA, that took further questioning. He “memorized” our order which meant we got 2 of our 4 plates. He checked on us after the second to make sure we got our food because he lost our ticket. Another plate came out. My husband finished an entire beer before I finally had to flag him down from schmoozing with other guests and getting them a beer before coming over to me.

The very nice owner or manager did her best to make us happy which ended up being a comped dessert.

I’d absolutely go back but I sure as hell will not sit in Brian’s section. He also spent a lot of time at the order computer. Not sure if it was just too challenging a day or what.

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Park Burger – Hilltop


Park burger was good. I’ll have to go back though. Our waitress was perfect.

I ordered the popper on turkey, which was good, but hard to judge if cooked properly like beast. My husband got the brat burger, which I didn’t even try because it was so over the top lol.

My mom got the royal, which was probably the best.

I love having a decent burger place in walking distance! Also being right next to an ice cream place and soon a bakery won’t hurt either.

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Unfortunately more cons than pros.

Pros: Doughnut bites, cheese board, and mussels. Friendly service.


EVERYTHING TOOK FOREVER. There were also out of seemingly a lot of items on the menu.

My eggs were overcooked on my benedict. My husbands burger was overcooked. My friend said her brie and apple sandwich was bland.

After being there for almost an hour we were informed that they were out of what my friend ordered. I forced them to give her a free drink for the silliness.

My friend announced it was the worst brunch he’d ever had.

We won’t be going back as there are far too many places to try to even flirt with disappointment.


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Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar


My husband and I decided to try this after receiving a 2 for 1 coupon in the mail. It was fantastic. I got the cantina burger with beef and my husband got the bacon cheeseburger on steroids.

Both were the delicious but the highlight was they were not only cooked perfectly med/rare, but you could taste the meat. It was not lost in all the toppings which is seems all too many burger places rely on.

We also got the elvis something er other shake that was peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. It was SO good, so creamy.

We’d definitely recommend. It’s also a cool space.

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Showed up here this weekend during reg brunch hours and there was a 90min wait. When I went below, we got there around 1. *sad trombone*


What a little gem is this place!? I read about it in the Westword as Denver’s best brunch. This was in part to no waiting. I’m all for that!

We went here sadly after my mom had to put her dog down. The very sweet waitress treated us to a round of mimosas which was so nice. What was also nice was that you get to pick your own juice for your mimosa! We both got mango. So good! unfortunately no bottomless though.

We couldn’t decide as their menu is rather extensive and everything sounded good! The waitress said for us to get our first picks and then get sides of pancakes. brilliant. So I got the roast beef sandwich and a chocolate chip pancake. The roast beef was a bit fatty in the pulling out half the sandwich in one bite kind of way. The flavors were delicious though. My mom got the benedict and blueberry pancake. Also all delicious.

I can’t wait to go back!


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Lou’s Food Bar


This was our first time at Lou’s. Other Bonanno restaurants have been delicious and this one is no exception. Mom got to drink for free which was a nice treat. We started off with the beignets which were warm and delicious. Also I felt it was a rather generous portion. 6 for $8 isn’t bad. We then got the duck confit benedict which was SO good! My husband got the burger which was cooked perfectly and so flavorful.
We’d definitely go back!

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ChoLon Bistro


I made reservations for 8, called back and left a message per the instructions that we would be 10 and if we could have separate bills. I know the separate bills things sucks for waitstaff, but not much can be done. We get there and the message had not been checked and or cascaded properly. The food was great. I got the brussels sprouts, pork and mint. It was delicious, and actually a fair amount of food, but the size of the bowl made me think I was on a diet. I was with a bunch of guys who ordered the fried chicken sandwich. I had a taste of that and that was good, definitely a decent lunch portion. We had to ask for the bill to be separated, which pissed off the server. Sorry! I’d definitely go back though maybe not with a large party.

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1515 Restaurant


Easter brunch was our first time eating at 1515 and it was spectacular. We had shrimp and grits, mushroom tart, and soup for the apps. Mains were steak and egg and the pork benedict. Desserts were creme brulee two ways, chocolate cake and doughnuts. Everything was delicious and we can’t wait to try dinner! Also, I thought their prices were comparable to other restaurants. I don’t know if everyone who complains is just used to the $10 plate at chili’s or what. Quality. Not quantity.

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Session Kitchen (Closed)


I’m a huge fan of brunch places at which I can make reservations. I’ve been wanting to try Session since its opening. Their menu always looked funky and tasty.

I made reservations one Sunday but didn’t even need them! This place was completely empty. I am totally fine with this. My friend pointed out that it is hard to tell if it’s open unless people are sitting out on the patio. Bonus for me. I also feel like people are just lemmings when it comes to brunch especially. Apparently waiting an hour someplace is totally worth it. No thanks!

Session, first of all, is gorgeous inside. It is such a fun and beautiful space. Second of all, the drinks were amazing. Every cocktail I had was delicious, the last being the best. The I’ll Just Have A Salad was the winner. Also, the staff was very nice and accommodating.

The food. SO GOOD. The portions were hearty for sure. I got the smoked salmon hash and my husband got the green chili frito hash. Both were amazing.

I finished up brunch with dessert, because that’s what I do. I got the cronuts which were not fantastic. They were gloppy and would likely make the creator and trademark-er of the name kill himself.

I would and absolutely plan on going back.

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