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Central Bar and Bistro (Closed)


This place was great. We went here for brunch. It was totally not packed and we could make reservations. Standing in line for brunch is for amateurs.

Everything was delicious, but the pear rosemary mimosa was the most amazing beverage.

I’d definitely go back.

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So I have to preface this write up with that we went on Valentine’s day, which was a terrible idea. Valentine’s day is just a terrible day to do anything but cook and get drunk at home imo.

With that said, Joseph came to get me at 5:30 or so for our reservations at 6:30. We wanted to happy hour and then eat. So Fuel has ReFuel which is their happy hour spot. We walk in, because you can, and it’s closed. No signage or anything. According to the web site, it’s open at 5 for happy hour. Alrighty.

We then walked over to Fuel. Both spaces btw are very cool and it’s so great that they’re doing so much work in the RiNo area etc. We let the hostess know that we had a reservation but we were going to happy hour first, she said she could seat us or we could hang out at the bar. So since happy hour seems more legit whilst sitting at a bar that’s where we headed. We were given all the full dinner/drink menus. When we asked if there were happy hour menus, we were informed that there was no happy hour that day. That might have been nice to know ahead of time. We could have gone to the Ginn Mill for $2 happy hour and tied one on for like $20!

So I’m chippy because now we’re eating at like 5:30 with all the blue hairs. No offense. The web site also said there would be Valentine’s day specials, which we were also informed wasn’t happening. GAH.

We ordered a bottle of wine and listened to the painful conversations around us until the food came. Everything was delicious. The veggies totally overshadowed all the meat. They were amazing.

I’d like to try ReFuel when it’s open at their convenience. I’ll be chippy about this for a bit. There are too many other amazing restaurants to be so annoyed with one to try it again.


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We tried Tamayo last Friday. It’s owned by the same people who own Zengo and La Biblioteca.

We were there for happy hour and past. The food was good, though I didn’t like the carnitas taco, I thought it was dry. Surprisingly the chicken taco was not only moist but super flavorful. We also got the perro caliente, which was super delicious.

Even though I wouldn’t profess to be a chocoholic, their flourless chocolate cake et al was quite good.

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Euclid Hall


This place. Yet another place with not a bad thing on the menu. We’ve eaten here several times and not one time been disappointed. They have great food, an amazing selection of beer and wine, and also a great happy hour.

The smores pot de creme is mind blowing.

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Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza (Renamed)


When I started my new job downtown in March, a soon to be bestie coworker introduced me to this place. We are dare I say regulars now. The staff is so sweet and attentive and the food is delicious.

I’ve not had a single thing I didn’t like yet. The meatballs are delic, the pizza, especially the one stuffed with nutella shouldn’t be missed.

Must try!

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Colt and Gray



We ate dinner here finally and it was UH-mazing. Service, food, and drink was all impeccable, and if something wasn’t up to snuff it was dealt with accordingly.


This is easily my new favorite restaurant. I was a little sad panda when we got there and were told they no longer had a happy hour despite info to the contrary on their Web site. Knocking back AH-Mazing $10 drinks was super easy to do.

We had their meat and cheese plate, which was delic.

Per the recommendation of Claire Robinson, we got the sticky toffee pudding. The description alone was enough to give me a cavity. To our surprise, not only was it not overwhelmingly sweet, but we could have had like 10 more. SO good!!

Can’t wait to go back.

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OMG, one of the best dinners to date. Everything was amazing, the ambiance, the service, and the food. Would highly recommend.

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Linger was amazing save for one tragic dessert. It was some shredded filo tragedy. Highly recommend otherwise!

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Angele – Napa


Whilst in Napa, we remembered eating at the this restaurant. It was delic!

We’re pretty sure we had the duck and the pork chop.

We’ll have to go back after fewer tastings.

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Morimoto – Napa


We just got back from yet another trip to Napa and were lucky enough to enjoy the cuisine at Morimoto – Napa. It was all you’d expect from an Iron Chef.
We got spicy king crab, spicy chirachi, and the chefs choice sushi.
Drinks and dessert were also amazing. We’d absolutely go back.

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