Session Kitchen (Closed)


I’m a huge fan of brunch places at which I can make reservations. I’ve been wanting to try Session since its opening. Their menu always looked funky and tasty.

I made reservations one Sunday but didn’t even need them! This place was completely empty. I am totally fine with this. My friend pointed out that it is hard to tell if it’s open unless people are sitting out on the patio. Bonus for me. I also feel like people are just lemmings when it comes to brunch especially. Apparently waiting an hour someplace is totally worth it. No thanks!

Session, first of all, is gorgeous inside. It is such a fun and beautiful space. Second of all, the drinks were amazing. Every cocktail I had was delicious, the last being the best. The I’ll Just Have A Salad was the winner. Also, the staff was very nice and accommodating.

The food. SO GOOD. The portions were hearty for sure. I got the smoked salmon hash and my husband got the green chili frito hash. Both were amazing.

I finished up brunch with dessert, because that’s what I do. I got the cronuts which were not fantastic. They were gloppy and would likely make the creator and trademark-er of the name kill himself.

I would and absolutely plan on going back.

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