Showed up here this weekend during reg brunch hours and there was a 90min wait. When I went below, we got there around 1. *sad trombone*


What a little gem is this place!? I read about it in the Westword as Denver’s best brunch. This was in part to no waiting. I’m all for that!

We went here sadly after my mom had to put her dog down. The very sweet waitress treated us to a round of mimosas which was so nice. What was also nice was that you get to pick your own juice for your mimosa! We both got mango. So good! unfortunately no bottomless though.

We couldn’t decide as their menu is rather extensive and everything sounded good! The waitress said for us to get our first picks and then get sides of pancakes. brilliant. So I got the roast beef sandwich and a chocolate chip pancake. The roast beef was a bit fatty in the pulling out half the sandwich in one bite kind of way. The flavors were delicious though. My mom got the benedict and blueberry pancake. Also all delicious.

I can’t wait to go back!


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